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xmen_on_lj's Journal

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The LiveJournal X-Men Community
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X-Men Discussion and Fanfiction
Welcome to xmen_on_lj, a community for discussion of all things related to X-Men comics and fanfiction! Think of us as the Cybercafe equivalent of Cafe-a-Go-Go, that place in Greenwich Village where the original X-Men used to hang out -- with fewer beatniks and less chance of being attacked by Cobalt Man, but the same concept.

This community will feature regular discussion posts about X-Men comics, past and present, fic recs, and meta essays. Whether you're an old-school fan or a new one, or you're just curious and want to check the fandom out, all are welcome, and all can post.

Posting guidelines:

1.) Be respectful. Everyone has their own opinions, and it's important to respect that fact. Healthy debate is fine; flaming is not. So, while you're welcome to post a discussion of a comic you don't like, make sure it's thoughtful criticism and not incoherent ranting. Personal insults to other community members or to comic book creators and editors will not be tolerated. (Ex. "I find Mark Millar's comics frustrating and offensive" is fine. "Mark Millar should die in a fire" is not.)

2.) This isn't a fic community. While we've run challenges in the past and likely will again in the future, we're not looking to fill up people's flists with cross-posted fic. Linking your fics in comments, or making recs posts, is fine, as is -- of course! -- prompting fic discussions. We just don't want posts of fic alone, since there are tons of communities for that.

3.) This isn't a scans community. We're here for discussion and inspiring fanworks, not stealing the source material. One or two pages or panels to make a point (linked or under a cut!) are fine, but nothing beyond that. There are plenty of other places to post and acquire scans.

4.) Spoiler policy: spoilers for recent comics (say, the last six months or so) should be placed behind a cut.

4.) The mods will make all weekly solicitation posts and discussion posts for the week's books. If this changes, we'll let you know.

So what do we encourage? Posts that lead to discussion of the X-Men, as well as deeper understanding of characters, pairings, plots, and thematic elements. Meta posts analyzing a favorite character or team; posts recapping a classic story arc from the past that you've recently read; posts comparing and contrasting eras of a title under different writers; posts comparing fic relationships to canon; posts requesting, giving, or sparking plot bunnies. Recs posts collecting recs under a certain theme (though not single-rec posts). And, of course, posts simply discussing things that you've read and want to talk to others about.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or contact any of the mods directly. Otherwise, have fun!

Community maintainers: likeadeuce, resolute, and harmonyangel.

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