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Gods Among Insects :: X-Men RPG

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you are a god among insects, never let anyone tell you different.


One of their own is dead; The nation is turning against their kind; Huge robotic devices have been installed at their gates; And suddenly, the Xavier Institute doesn't feel quite as safe as it used to.

While the attacks of William Stryker and Magneto out of Alkali Lake were thwarted by the X-Men, the fallout of their attempts has left the human world angry at mutantkind. Bowing to public pressure, the American Government has begun work on hulking robots called Sentinels to 'monitor the mutant population'. With whispers of the Mutant Registration Act being put into practice growing louder and hate-attacks happening in broad daylight, it is not a safe time to be a mutant.

Even the mighty Xavier Institute in Westchester, with its escape tunnels and reinforced walls is feeling a little less secure. Still grieving for Jean Grey, the school once full of laughter stands solemn. And as the first two Sentinels off the production line head straight to the mansion's gate for 'monitoring', it doesn't look like things are going to get better any time soon...

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