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If you like your X-books character-driven and lol funny, read this book. If you adored the first issues of The New Mutants or Generation X, read this book.  If you're dying to see what lessons in mad science and human relations Hank's learned from Doctor Nemesis, read this book.  If you miss Lockheed, read this book.  If you've ever felt sad over how long it's been since a bamf or boggie showed up, read this book.  If you want to take the following classes, read this book:


Bleeding Cool posted their Top Five Favorite Panels here



Jan. 17th, 2012 11:04 pm (UTC)
Sorry. Banning is a sensitive issue among female comics fans, many of whom have been banned from the major forums for simply expressing ideas that distinguish them from doormats.

A while ago I and another female fan whose opinions are almost always the exact opposite of mine were simultaneously banned from the CBR forums on the grounds that we were obviously both the "sock puppets" of the same third female fan who had already been banned.

Think about that. Just let it sink in.

No amount of protesting does any good, and the bans spread from one board to another.

I would not have brought the matter up in public, but there was no other way of reaching you at that time.